ev·er·more | /ˌevərˈmôr/     
definition:  forever, always

Eve Grenon is a self taught makeup artist and has always had  fascination with the beauty and fashion industry.  She started off doing makeup for her friends for special occasions until the demand became too great.  She then decided to start her journey as a freelance makeup artist with her company, The Makeup Authority in 2012.  After many weddings & model shoots she took a hiatus in 2016 to dedicate more time with her small children.

In 2019, she came back onto the scene with a new business name,

Evermore Beauty.  

She has always been drawn to the symbolism of forever, the infinity symbol, the number 8 and she wanted to celebrate some never ending things associated with being a woman that should be OKAY to celebrate!

Self Care. Fashion. Makeup. Beauty. Body Positivity. Women Encouragement. Law of Attraction.  Empowering each other.

Being more than a Mom/Aunt/Sister/Daughter, etc -

knowing its okay to be YOU!  CELEBRATE YOU!

She loves enhancing natural beauty and makeup artistry is truly her never ending passion!



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'Eve is amazing! Eve is a fantastic and very talented makeup artist, with a knack for not only encompassing her talents to accentuate your personal beauty, but also taking into consideration the look that you are going for.  Eve took the time to listen to what was important for me for my wedding day and also offered up various ways of accomplishing that look so that I could help choose what would be most comfortable for me.  I highly recommend Eve to anyone looking for a makeup artist.  She is by far the best and I know she will  always be my go to for those special events that I want to pamper myself for!"

| Tara G. |



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